TFIA partnered with Sustainable Fashion Australia at Melbourne's Fashion Exposed to present a three day seminar series on sustainability in the textile and fashion industries.

Principles of Sustainable Fashion Design

A show-and-tell session featuring some of Australia’s leading design thinkers who use a variety of sustainability principles including garment redesign, seamless design and low impact materials. Each designer will explain the principles that guide their practice.

Featuring: Ellie Mucke (Mucke), Georgia McCorkill (The Red Carpet Project), Alex Trimmer (SOSUME Clothing) - facilitated by Karen Webster (RMIT)

Rethinking [Service] Design

Could the fashion industry move away from a being product focused industry and transition to an industry focused on service? Industry experts explore business models, ideas and processes that could completely redefine the way we consume fashion.

Featuring: Kate Luckins (The Clothing Exchange), Glen Rollason (3rd Time), Yahav Ron (Paris 99)

The New Luxury

With the lines between the mass market and high end fashion blurring, what defines The New Luxury? The session will feature insights from some of fashion’s brightest and will allow attendees to discuss the growth of a new kind of high end fashion market.

Featuring: Karen Webster (RMIT), Jo Kellock (TFIA), Eunika Janus (IP Australia), Sarah Gale

Environmental Accreditation: GOTS

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - International labeling standard GOTS brings a new dimension to the Australian market with the local launch of the certification standard. Find out about accreditation of organic textiles and how a GOTS certification can benefit your business.

Featuring: Stuart McDiarmid (GOTS)

Environmental Accreditation: Oeko-Tex

Oeko-Tex - With a strong focus on ecologically safe textiles and more than 100,000 certifications issued globally, textiles accreditation standard Oeko-Tex encourages supply chain transparency and the reduction of chemicals in textile production. Learn about their accreditation process and success in the Australian market.

Featuring: Kate Barry (Testex)

Life Cycle Thinking and Green Supply Chain

Using life cycle thinking to understand and improve the efficiency of your manufacture, supply chain and your business operations, while maximising your margin. Practical insights from local businesses, including 3Fish, recent recipients of United Nations Association of Australia’s World Environment Day Awards for Sustainability Leadership.

Featuring: Leyla Acaroglu (Eco Innovators), Cameron Neil (Net Balance), Samantha Hardman (Bento), Natalie Dillon (3Fish)

Social Sustainability

Find out how having a strong social policy can enhance your business operations and help minimise risk. Gain insight into accreditation standards and certifications, and learn about practical examples of social innovation in the fashion sector.

Featuring: Daniel Mackey (Fair Trade), Simon McRae (Ethical Clothing Australia), Danny Burrows (TradeWorthy) - facilitated by Michele O’Neil (TCFUA)

Sustainable Textile Innovations

The emergence of high performance, low impact textiles creates new opportunity for design and sustainability. Learn about next generation fabrics including man-made natural fibres, technical textiles and organics and find out what else is on the horizon. Also discover how innovative textiles influence design.

Featuring: Kerryn Caulfield (TTNA), Alex Trimmer (SOSUME Clothing), Keshia Abeysekera and Emily Nasr (cylk)

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

The integrity of Australian design is critical to the continued growth of our local industry and the reputation of Australian fashion. Get an insight into how to protect your business against intellectual property theft and retain value in your business.

Featuring: Eunika Janus (IP Australia)

Carbon Pricing Explained

An overview of the Federal Government’s proposed carbon price package, and how it will impact on textile, clothing and footwear manufacturers and retailers in Australia. Find out what options are available to TCF businesses to assist with adaptation to the proposed regulations.

Featuring: Astrid Edwards (Net Balance)

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Energy Market Update

Find out where energy costs are going and why costs are increasing. Discover the role smart meters will play and the impact they will have on small business costs.

Featuring: Lachlan Caddy (Creative Energy Solutions)

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